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Tennis Green Pure Silk Scrunchie

Tennis Green Pure Silk Scrunchie

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• Approximately 11cm / 4.5” in diameter
• Wraps approximately 3x around hair
• Elastic approximately 20 cm / 8”

• 22 momme mulberry silk scrunchie
• packaged in branded organic canvas pouch (can be reused to store scrunchie or jewelry)
• Handmade in London, UK

The best silk scrunchie ... you've found it!

Point of view: you've got your next hair appointment booked and you promise this time around you'll take extra care of your hair...

Start with only tying your hair with our pure silk scrunchies to save your gorgeous locks from frizz, kinks and breakage. 

We believe in quality over quantity which is why over the last year we have been practising our scrunchie making using less luxurious materials in the mission to find the perfect size and fit for our pure silk scrunchies. After taking in our buyers' feedback and reviews, we’re confident we have made the ultimate 22 momme mulberry silk scrunchie. This first batch is made using the excess material we used to make our bestselling silk face coverings under our sister brand Mask Me UK.

Why 22 momme Mulberry Silk?

Silk is made using natural soft fibres which do not cause much friction to the hair (goodbye split ends, frizziness and kinks!). 

The high density of silk enables it to not absorb much moisture and hence does not strip away your hair's natural oils or any treatments you put in your hair - perfect for when having your hair up in a sleek bun and hair mask on wash days!

We use Grade 6A, 22 momme Mulberry Silk - the highest quality and eco-friendly kind of silk.

Grade 6a: silk quality is graded using A-C and 1-6. A and 6 being the highest quality grade meaning a scrunchie that lasts you longer.

22 momme: Momme is used to describe and measure silk fabrics' weight and density. Momme can go up to 30 and the higher the momme count, the heavier the fabric. Through a year of testing, we have found that 22 momme provides the perfect balance of weight and density to make scrunchies.

Our promise

From the elastic inside to the sewing process and luxurious fabric, your SYLKI scrunchie will last you ages… unless you lose it of course or want to have more colour options - we’ve got you!

Pro tip: when not wearing it in your hair, keep it on your wrist as a cute accessory.

Made ethically in our home studio in London - you can be rest assured your scrunchie has been made in a safe and loving environment.

Your purchase will be packaged using eco-friendly methods which do not hurt the environment. We try to make our packaging reusable where possible.

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