Our Story

"After making face coverings with my Mum throughout the pandemic under our first brand MASK ME UK, we fell in love with the process of creating clothing & accessories. We wish to continue working together and inspire our customers to continue to shop SMALL, SLOW & ETHICALLY"
- Ellie, co-founder

Whilst out of work during the first national lockdown, my mum's sewing talents inspired me to start Mask Me UK, our sister brand where we make stylish and comfortable reusable face coverings. Throughout the pandemic, we have loved working together and have truly lived a full circle moment and feeling of purpose. My mum migrated with five years old me to London from a small town in Brazil where she had her own small business, making custom lingerie & loungewear for the women in her hometown - who to this day express their love for the quality of her pieces. Growing up and seeing my mum take on various jobs to now see her doing what she truly loves and is gifted in excited me and motivates me to ensure she continues to live her dreams.

The idea of SYLKI came naturally to me, right at the start of the business journey with Mask Me UK, and we've been working on the concept and product ideas ever since. From choosing the right fabrics to testing their durability post wearing and washing - we are proud of what we have created and cannot wait to uplift women as well as create a community of slow fashion advocates through our timeless pieces made with love in our home studio in London.