10 ways to wear a scarf

10 ways to wear a scarf

Silk scarves are super trendy right now but have always been a staple and classic accessory for every woman looking for a way to look effortlessly stylish.

It's recently been spotted on all the Hollywood it girls such as Kendall Jenner, with stylists pairing them with pieces inspired by the old Hollywood Glamour aesthetic.

Before we go into the 10 different ways you can wear silk scarves first, let's answer common questions:

Is a silk scarf good for hair?

Yes, like other silk hair accessories and silk pillowcases, silk scarves are the perfect accessory to compliment your hair care routine. Wearing a silk scarf in your hair can help keep it soft, moisturised and free of tangles - perfect for sleeping, windy days and protecting your hair from the sun.

What to look for when buying a scarf?

A must, when buying a scarf is to check on quality and softness of the material. Ours are made using a silk satin blend fabric which is super soft whilst still allowing us to keep our pricing affordable starting at £15.

To ensure your style does not look dated, opt for larger scarves. Ours are available in two sizes. Regular 72 cm x 72 cm being appropriate for all sorts of styling and Large 90 cm x 90 cm allowing for extra room to wear the scarf as a top. The size featured in the images below are Regular.

Explore our silk scarves here in 7 different colours.

Here are 10 ways to wear a scarf in 2023 no matter your age

Wear a silk scarf around the neck for an instant chic effect to your look.

wearing a silk scarf round the neck

Wear a silk scarf as a top and make it multi-purpose.

scarf top

Wear a silk scarf within a braid - perfect for festival hairstyles!

festival hairstyle ideas

Wear a silk scarf as a hairband - here are three different hairstyles using a silk scarf:

silk hair scarf hairtsyles

hair scarf styles

silk scarf braid

Wear a silk scarf around your collar - this is an easy way to practice dopamine dressing.

silk scarf pink

Wear a silk scarf as a bandana - here are three bandana hairstyle ideas.

bandana hairstyle

royal blue scarf

head scarf and sunglasses style

I hope you love these styles and feel inspired to wear a scarf this year. 

Our silk scarves are handmade in our London studio and we cannot wait to make yours.


Ellie and Mum 


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