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Satin Hair Scarf

Satin Hair Scarf

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This item is part of our outlet collection as it is discontinued. We now make 100% mulberry silk scarves only. The ones listed on our outlet are made using the remaining fabric of our silk blend collection which is lovely and soft however doesn't meet our criteria to use only natural fabrics and ensure a smaller carbon footprint.


50 cm x 50 cm | 20" x 20"

72cm x 72cm | 26 '' x 26'' 

90cm x 90 cm | 35" x 35"

for custom sizing please email


Same silky satin charmeuse material we use to make our headbands.


Although they can go in the washing machine, please opt for hand washing and drying to keep quality for years to come.


Scarves, whether wrapped around your loose hair, plaited through a pony tail, knotted around a bag, chic around your neck or simply used to sustainably wrap a special present - they’re a wardrobe staple and the perfect multiway/multipurpose gift and accessory.

Our self tie scarves are measured 72 cm x 72cm - the perfect size to use in your hair or neck.

For using as a top please pick 90cm x 90cm option.

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