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Celebrating female owned businesses

Happy International Women's Day!

In the first SYLKI BLOG I wanted to celebrate and give a shoutout to my favourite female owned brands across a variety of industries which all support the SYLKI mission of promoting self-care and self-confidence.

Discover new outlets to inspire you, purchase amazing products/services and celebrate the amazing work women are carrying out today.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift?

Grace Killen turns bridal bouquets into original art pieces whether its live on the special day or after. I discovered Grace's stunning account when she bought our scrunchies and took the most aesthetic picture wearing the pink silk scrunchie whilst painting.💐

Ready to become a social media and influencer marketing expert?

Skai social is an all female social media agency supporting beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands create dream feeds and strategies. I've had the pleasure to be connected with them since the start of my first brand Mask Me UK and have taken their 'Ambitious Women Course' where founder Skai teaches you the fundamentals of how to become a social media and influencer marketing expert. Highly recommend this for founders at all stages of their business!💻

Hair colouring with minimal damage

Lorena is a balayage expert and freelance hairstylist I met through a friend. Her Instagram shows some insane transformations and stunning balayage work. I've seen her work in person and couldn't recommend enough! Damage caused by hair colouring can take years to recover and not to mention it gets super pricey which is why its so important to-research your hair stylist and invest on experts in their field. 💇‍♀️

Nourish your mind, body and soul

House of Vibras is a female founded community by my friend Emily. Their 21 Day Reset helped me build healthier habits that I've been able to carry since last November. Highly recommend this if you're looking to discover like minded individuals and learn essential habits that can promote your journey of self-discovery.

Jewellery that breaks boundaries 

Venu J is a female owned luxury jewellery brand I have followed on instagram after being inspired by their inclusive marketing which shows females from all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and ages wearing their jewellery. A breath of fresh air on my feed! Not forgetting to mention their high quality jewellery is made ethically and with every purchase a tree is planted 👏

Lead with confidence & create impact in your life + business!

Laura is mindset and life coach mompreneur I love to see on my feed. I met Laura through friends and have been following her for nearly two years. She shares her mindset and lifestyle tips and keeps it real by showing the real behind the scenes of running a business whilst being a kick-ass mum.


I hope you've found inspiration reading about the work of these talented females & thank you for reading the first SYLKI BLOG post.


love, Ellie x



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