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Whats better for your hair and the planet - Silk or Satin?

At SYLKI, we're dedicated to making sustainable choices where we can. We started our brand journey with one product - our grade 6a 22 momme pure mulberry silk scrunchies.
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As we made new designs - headbands - we started using silk blend fabrics to ensure our price points were competitively low. However, we've learnt that our customers value sustainable and high quality products over anything which is why we are transitioning our current silky satin charmeuse headbands to 100% mulberry silk, the same luxury soft fabric we use to make our bestselling silk scrunchies and silk pillowcases.
In this blog post, we address why silk is a more sustainable fabric choice than satin and discuss whether silk or satin is better for the hair? 
Silk vs. Satin for Hair: A Comprehensive Comparison
When it comes to caring for your hair, the choice between silk and satin can make a significant difference,.
1. Silk - SYLKI's Natural Wonder for Hair Health
Silk, the star of our eco-conscious journey, offers numerous benefits for your hair:
  • Silk is made from natural fibers: creating a smooth surface: silk's smooth texture minimizes friction, reducing frizz and breakage, ensuring your hair stays as silky as our name suggests.
  • Temperature regulation: silk helps maintain optimal hair temperature, preventing moisture loss.
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle: silk is great for sensitive scalps and skin.
  • Anti-Aging benefits: Our silk pillowcases reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Satin - Luxurious Versatility
Satin, a weave pattern rather than a fiber. A more affordable option but not as sustainable since the non-natural fibers cannot biodegrade. However it has:
  • Smooth Finish: Satin's glossy surface, regardless of the material underneath, minimizes hair friction, mirroring the sleekness of our products.
  • Versatility: Just like our versatile product range, satin suits various purposes, from hair accessories to clothing, adapting to your needs.

Exciting news! we have an outlet section on our website - a home for our designs with stories to tell.

View it here: 

These are unique pieces that: didn't launch into our main collections, are discontinued or formed a way to repurpose remaining fabrics.

We aim to remain sustainable as we scale our business and our outlet supports this commitment. By repurposing materials and celebrating forgotten designs, we're minimizing waste and maximizing creativity.

We value your input, so we invite you to engage with us. Share your thoughts and feedback on these designs – your insights could shape our future collections.

The collection includes our original silky satin charmeuse headbands as we phase out the last remaining metres of material.

We hope you found this blog post helpful and enjoy shopping unique pieces in our outlet collection.

Ellie & Mum
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