5 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair: Protect and Shine!

5 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair: Protect and Shine!

At the time i'm writing this its the heart of summer and i've just come back from a trip to Malaga,Spain. My hair feels lovely and I think at the age of 26 i've finally mastered how to protect it from damage during these summer months and in hot temperatures.

While we're all excited about the fun and adventures to come this summer, or that trip to the hot destination of your dreams - it's essential to keep our hair looking fabulous. The sun, chlorine, and humidity can be a bit of a buzzkill for our hair, but worry not - In this blog post, I'll highlight five must-know tips to protect your hair from summer damage and keep it looking stunning. 

Trim Before Your Trip: Split-ends, where?

The big question is always... should i get my hair trimmed before or after my summer holiday? the right answer in fact is before. Booking a salon trip before your holiday is the best thing you can do - not only to protect your hair but to also start of the trip feeling most confident. Why? if you have some split ends already on show, trimming them before your trip stops them from getting worse and leaving you with a larger area of hair thats damaged on your return.

Shield Your Hair from Heat: Sun-Smart Hairstyles

Did you know that just like our skin, excessive sun exposure can turn our hair into a dry, brittle mess? No thanks! Here's the scoop: try out some fabulous sun-smart hairstyles. Embrace a chic wide-brimmed hat or add a touch of glam with a silk scarf as a stylish headband. Not only will you look like a stylish 90s it-girl, you'll also create a protective shield against those harmful rays. Time to shine while staying sun-safe!

Embrace Silk Pillowcases for Nighttime Beauty: Wake Up Flawless

Who doesn't want to wake up with gorgeous, frizz-free hair? We've got the secret - swap that hotel pillowcase for a silky dreamland with a luxurious silk pillowcase. Yes, we just said travel with your silk pillowcase - you won't regret bringing a touch of home with you. It's like a beauty treatment in your sleep! Say goodbye to friction, breakage, and those annoying split ends. The smooth texture of silk also locks in moisture, leaving your hair hydrated, luscious, and free from frizz. Rise and shine, bestie!

Combat Chlorine Damage: Dive in, Protect Your Locks

Pool time is the ultimate summer bliss, but chlorine-treated water can wreak havoc on your hair. Before taking the plunge, dampen your hair with fresh water. This trick helps minimize chlorine damage by reducing its absorption. Give your locks an extra shield by applying a leave-in conditioner or a few drops of nourishing argan oil. And guess what? Amp up your poolside style with a fashionable silk headband or silk hair-tie to reduce tangling. Dive in with confidence!

Nourish and Hydrate: Show Your Hair Some Love

Hot summer days can leave your hair craving some extra TLC. Let's give it the love it deserves! Treat your locks to a weekly deep conditioning session to replenish moisture and repair any damage. It's like a spa day for your hair! And here's a pro tip: indulge in the magic of sleeping with a silk scarf loosely tied around your hair. They're not just an accessory for during the day; they're night superheroes! They lock in moisture, banish frizz, and keep pesky static at bay whilst you sleep. Hello, gorgeous, well-hydrated hair!

Embrace Protective Hairstyles: Stay Stylish and Protected

Be a trendsetter! Rock those fabulous protective hairstyles while keeping your hair safe from the summer heat. Especially in days you really have the urge to wash it but want to keep your natural hair oils doing their magic. Opt for chic updos, braids, or buns that not only shield your hair from the scorching sun but also turn heads wherever you go.

There you have it! Following these five essential tips, your hair will be ready to conquer the summer with grace and radiance. 

Ellie & Mum
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