4 haircare tips and accessories for wearing your hair down

4 haircare tips and accessories for wearing your hair down

Spring is here and theres no better season to experiment with different hair accessories and make the most of loose hairstyles before the temperatures rise...

The following haircare tips and hairstyle ideas are suitable for all hair lengths and types and will become your go-to hairstyles for good hair days when you feel like expressing your personal style.

1: Good haircare practice starts at night

To wake up with gorgeous locks, the work needs to be done the night before. After your haircare routine, the icing on the cake is sleeping on a silk pillowcase to ensure all that hard work turns into frizz-free, shiny locks in the morning.

Silk pillowcase benefits to not absorb moisture unlike cotton pillowcases meaning your haircare products stay in your hair and don't transfer to your pillow causing various beauty hazards such as bacterial acne.

There are many brands to choose from in the market and you can opt for affordable satin or invest in luxury silk. Our silk pillowcases are made using grade 6a 22 momme mulberry silk - putting comfort and durability first. One silk pillowcase retails for £40 and you can save when buying a set for £75.


2: Make a statement with hair clips 

Hair bows and corsages are timeless fashion accessories that have become super trendy in the last year. 

A perfect loose hair down hairstyle for all stages of your hair wash cycle is a half-up half-down look.

Make a statement with a hair bow or flower clip to add some character to your hairstyle and jazz up a simple outfit. 

3: Protect your hairline with a 90s wide silk headband

A timeless chic hairstyle when you need your hair down but out of your face is completed with a wide headband.

Our headbands are made with 100% mulberry silk which protects your hairline from dehydration whilst keeping your look chic.

Wearing a headband on greasy hair days allows you to take at least a day longer before washing your locks. The less you wash your hair the better as you reduce the stripping aways of healthy oils.

4: An everyday loose half-up half-down hairstyle is achieved with a fluffy silk scrunchies

Soft fluffy silk scrunchies have the power to let you do a hairstyle with your eyes closed.

If you don't have much time opt for a half-up half-down hair style using a large silk scrunchie - opt for a bright colour to make a statement.

Our silk scrunchies are made using mulberry silk and tie around all hair types up to three times for a firm yet protective grip.

I hope these tips have inspired you to be creative with your hairstyles this spring!




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