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Silk Pillowcase - Ivory

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last 3 images are not edited and were taken in natural day light so you can see the gorgeous colour.


Size: 50cm x 75cm (20" x 30") 

Material: Grade 6A, 22 momme mulberry silk

Packaging: 1 x Ivory 22 momme Mulberry Pillowcase & 1 x recycled tulle wash bag in Ivory (makes for a cute gift bag also!)

^ packaged in recycled white cardboard box with thank you card including contact details and promo code for future orders.

Shipping: Royal Mail 1st Class 

Cut & Sewn in our home studio in London, SYLKI's mulberry silk pillowcase has been designed to make beauty sleep a part of your everyday. After owning a variety of silk pillowcases throughout the years, we knew it was essential to package our pillowcase in a complimentary wash bag which we have also homemade using organic recycled tulle. 

Dispatch times are regularly updated dependant on stock of materials. If you would like to request a custom order (e.g. differed sizing or colour) please email us at


We spend a third of our lives in bed, making us very well aquatinted with our pillows so why make beauty sleep something we seek only for special occasions? Why not invest in having good quality sleep every night and wake up not only feeling refreshed but also looking refreshed? Everyone can do it with a SYLKI 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase, here’s why:


Silk’s long natural fibres help retain moisture which is essential for maintaining smooth hair and skin. No more using the term “bed hair” or worrying about awkward sleep lines causing premature wrinkles.


Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fabrics. Heat is retained during cold temperatures and redundant heat is shed during warm temperatures, keeping your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


With silk being made made from natural fibre, it is naturally hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. Not only this, but combined with its smooth surface which holds in moisture, it doesn’t absorb the products you’ve spent time applying to your skin and hair making the results of your beauty routine go a lot further. 

Lastly, the one which actually convinced me to make the switch from cotton; ever splurged on a fancy blow dry and wanted it to stay intact for the next day? A silk pillowcase is your answer. Thank me ( and my hairdresser for letting me in on this tip) later!



- Hand Wash or Machine wash under 30℃

- Non-bio détergent (our fave is Ecover Delicate)

- Hang to dry (Do Not Tumble Dry)

- Do Not Use Bleaches

- Cold Iron As Needed

- Wash Separately , only wash with other silks & delicates