Protective hairstyles to sleep in and wake up with gorgeous locks✨

Protective hairstyles to sleep in and wake up with gorgeous locks✨

I've been so used to sleeping in my silk pillowcase for the last two years that I completely forgot that I used to sleep in a ''pineapple bun'' when I was younger -  to keep my natural waves in check overnight.

Below are other hairstyles you can try to sleep in to make-sure your hair is less tangled and prepped for styling the next day. This is an affordable way to protect your hair whilst you sleep if you're not yet ready to invest in a silk pillowcase; if you already have one, this is a bonus for luscious hair all year round!

Having a go-to overnight hairstyle will aid in minimizing frizz to ensure you wake up to smooth and less tangled hair.

Braids: ideal for wavy hair (my go-to on days i need to attempt to go to the gym early)

french braid - skinny scrunchie

If you have straight hair this is a great trick to style your hair whilst you sleep. I love a french plait to maintain and enhance my natural waves. Choose any comfortable braid style if you’re unable to recreate French braids yourself. Plaits will keep your hair healthy while you rest. Spot something new in the photo above? We are launching our pure silk scrunchies in a skinny version for you to use for styling. These have been made with our new enhanced elastic which gives a firmer grip - perfect for exercising!

Low Ponytail: perfect if you have straight hair


Straight-hair always gets the fame for being the easiest to take care of but actually is one of the easiest types to get tangled and the knots are more visible...

Opt for a low pony as your go-to overnight hairstyle to prevent unwanted tangles. No other hair-tie other than a soft medium silk scrunchie will keep you comfortable during your sleep as it will feel like your head is resting on a gentle silk pillowcase. 

Pineapple bun: the best for long hair, wet hair and curls

The pineapple bun pulls all your hair to the top of your head to keep it protected and tangle-free while you sleep. All you have to do is pull it up in a super high high ponytail (I like to tilt my head for this), then loosely secure it a silk hair tie. Super simple! Whilst my two silk pillowcases were in the wash this week I slept with my hair up in this high loose bun, using one of our silk scrunchies of course, and was amazed at how much less tangled my hair was in the morning. I simply just combed using my fingers and was ready to go.

Let me know if you try any of these hairstyles or if you already use them! Our silk pillowcases are restocking very soon so keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

Love, Ellie x

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